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About Me

Freya’s passion for all things wild began from a young age. Photography helped that interest grow by teaching her to look closer at the natural world. She uses photography as a tool to share her love of wildlife, particularly Scottish wildlife, in a world where people are increasingly disconnected from nature. Now a graduate in zoology from the University of St Andrews, she wishes to continue her hobby and hopefully make it a major part of her future career.

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Awards & Shortlists

Focus Environment Photographic Competition 2012 - Commended

Zoological Society of London Photographic Award 2013 - Highly Commended

British Wildlife Photographer Award 2013- Shortlisted (Junior)

Scottish Nature Photography Awards 2013 - Third Place (Junior)

British Wildlife Photographer Award 2014- Shortlisted x2 (Junior)

RSPCA Young Photographers Awards 2015 - Commended x2
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